Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creepmas Day Three! Proper Creepmas Home Decor

In order to truly bring the spirit of Creepmas alive in your home, you simply MUST have the appropriate decor. Any true devotee of this new and darkly festive holiday should be frothing at the mouth (hehe) when discovering some of the following to-die-for (hehe again) interior design items. First, enjoy this especially warming-to-the little-bloody-cockles-of-your-heart Nightmare Before Christmas holiday home.

And for the kiddies, what could be more appropriate than this Creepy Doll Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar? "Celebrate the holidays this and every year by joining in on the countdown to Christmas night. Enjoy the creepy delights lurking behind the 25 die cut passages that are opened daily until Christmas. This beautiful and disturbing piece is brought to us by artist Beck Underwood and Glass Eye Pix." Available from Amazon.

Just picture your tree decorated with these festive and colorful Living Dead Doll Lights! String a few of these babies on those boughs. Also available from Amazon.

And for that special little girl, what could be better than finding this Living Dead Doll under the Creepmas Tree? Once again, head on over to Amazon.

Finally, when all your decorating is finished, surround yourself with delicious scents from Dark Candles ("light for those who prefer the dark"), and relax and unwind as you sip this luxurious Crystal Head vodka made for "unique individuals like yourself".


  1. Yup. I'm frothing all right. I want a home that looks like that.

  2. That reminds me . . . time to get out my crystal skull bottle and fill it with eggnog!

  3. I want a home like that! I love me some crystal head Vodka... I am a collector.