Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Halloween Giveaway- (Mood Enhancer...)

Okay! Even tho' it doesn't seem to be the right atmosphere lately for a Halloween giveaway (I've noticed that some of my fellow bloggers have been giving away some terrific presents and there have been few participants trying to throttle each other for the prize which has been good for me of course since I've entered all of 'em), I'm gonna' go for it, bend before the storm, throw in the towel, and have my own giveaway, regardless of crappy atmosphere. Excuse me while I take a breath. Continuing along in the same vein...all one has to do in order to be entered in this 'fantastic' giveaway is read my preceding blog entry, watch the 16 minute video "Harker" and comment on it. That's it!
The winner will receive a skull and crossbones totebag, a ceramic Halloween mug, a set of 4 glass votive candles and a CD entitled "Broom with a View", a collection of Halloween carols by Kristen Lawrence. I shall randomly choose the lucky recipient of the above listed items next Tuesday evening after midnight. (which means you have one week to do your homework...)

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Harker" (of Dracula fame)

Most of you know that I'm active in Deviant Art. If you haven't visited the site, I highly recommend it; you will find a wealth of fascinating art in every imaginable form. One of my very favorite works is a short puppet animation film by Scotty Shoemaker, Jason Murphy and Tony Giordano made in 2005. Based on German expressionism, it very successfully mimics the old silent films, albeit with 12 inch rod puppets. This is a stunning collaboration approximately 16 minutes in length which also manages to convey a fun and different take on the classic "Dracula" story. Do take the time to watch--you won't be sorry!

Look here to go see the video.

Shellhawk's Postcard Giveaway!

I completely forgot about Ms. Shellhawk's postcard giveaway but if you haven't taken a look at the goodie she'll be giving away, go here straightaway! Contest ends 30 March so hustle, my friends! I understand these cards turn out nicely so this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a gorgeous, professional-looking card to advertise your blogspot, website, whatever!
If you're not familiar with Ms. Shellhawk's blogspot, you're in for a real treat! Not only is her blog a good bit of fun to follow, but she is a very talented lady who creates some lovely art...
Quickly, now...get on over there!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In a Halloween Mood

I was really starting to get into the old Halloween spirit--getting ready to do a little Halloween goodies giveaway, ready to sculpt a few zombies, etc. Then I happened upon this pic and I found it quite sobering...this was far more horrific than any zombie I had in mind. hehe...just a little Sunday morning humor...

thanks to MarZel who featured this pic on her blog in November...just couldn't resist.

oh, if any of you gentlemen happen to be interested in acquiring this rather sublime outfit, go here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blood Countess Finished!

I am very happy to report that I am done with this bloody sculpt! (pun intended) Am looking forward to creating something really ugly for my next project. I'm thinking about a nasty-looking zombie. Getting into the spirit of Halloween already! Might do a little Halloween blog giveaway soon, just to give everybody a shot in the arm...hehehe Hope you like my wicked Elizabeth...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blood Countess-WIP

Been working on this sculpt and neglecting everything else! Am finally getting near the end - phew! Anyway, she is supposed to be Elizabeth Bathory, aka The Blood Countess (1560-1614), possibly the world's first known serial killer (and boy, did she do a series...rumored to have killed approximately 600 young girls). She supposedly slapped a servant girl, drawing blood, and she became quickly convinced that the blood made her look younger. She bathed and drank the blood of the virgins until the priest and village people grew suspicious (duh). She was finally convicted of killing 60+ girls (I think) and was walled up in her room where she ultimately died.
Since m'lady enjoyed luxuriating in the bath, I decided to sculpt her just alighting from the tub, still dangling her little tootsies in the nice, warm blood, hence the classic pin-up pose for this wicked but beautiful lady.
Have a bit more to do on her and may change the hair around but thankfully, my relationship with this devious woman is nearing an end...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Awesome Halloween Shop

I've been looking for some simple beaded orange/black garlands for my Halloween feather tree and I happened upon this awesome Halloween online shop . Let me just say that I never even got to the end of their Halloween catalogue listings! The store is called "Traditions Year-Round Holiday Store" and as you might expect, they have decor for just about every holiday there is. Being me, of course, I only checked out the Halloween stuff. So, if you need to get pumped up about Halloween (doubt that for most of you) or even if you're ready and raring to go, check this place out!