Sunday, May 30, 2010

new work, etc.

been awhile again...the past month has been sort of crazy and I've only managed to finish one sculpture piece (but to be fair to myself, it is a piece that has four complete sculpts in it, plus bones, skulls, miniature bottles, etc.). I also have discovered that a massive Halloween mood has descended and distracted the hell out of me! I find my mind drifting off and contemplating how I'm going to do this prop, etc., etc. I gotta' jerk my own chain here and get grounded and anyway, here are some pics of my latest clay creations. Made this for a contest on Deviant Art-the subject was "serial killers". read the bio on this woman! why Hollywood hasn't made a movie about this is beyond me -- yikes!

Enriqueta Marti, aka 'The Vampire of Barcelona' (1868-1913) was one helluva' babe. As one author said, "Had (she) lived among us today, her story would rival those of society's most vile predators" and he ain't kiddin'! "...a self-styled serial killer who made her living through the sale of charms and potions made with human remains and through prostituting little children..."(approximately three to twelve years old)... She had several flats in Barcelona where she hid the "remains of her victims or stored them alive to be used later in her potions...police found human remains, jars with greasy and coagulated blood, bones, hair, an ancient book of potions...after murdering the children, she would boil their bodies down for use as prime ingredients (blood, fat, ground bone) in her expensive love potions and facial cremes or in her elixirs to treat tuberculosis, syphilis,etc." Finally arrested in 1912(after killing a five year old boy on the kitchen table with two other children looking on), she lived for another year and three months before being murdered by her prison companions in 1913.