Saturday, October 17, 2009

bad blogger reports

well, here I am after a long hiatus...finally have a few photos of my haunted house and a "monster under the bed" work in progress. don't have my graveyard set up yet, although I think it will be my crowning achievement this samhain (halloween) season!!! have corpses, coffin, cool gravestones, and fog and moss. will post photos soonest. anyway, here is my witch's work table, and my witch--she is papier mache and is life size. a corpsified 'bucky' in a dungeon, a blue demon baby complete with skeleton rattle and pet spider is also here(an unorthodox 'reborn baby'. also, for your viewing pleasure--the work in progress -- a 'monster under the bed', am having some good fun with this guy!

and the work in progress: