Monday, February 20, 2012

The Haunt Brief - Chris Baker & Resurrecting Hauntcast

Hey guys, check out this Haunt Brief interview with Chris Baker and discover even more reasons why you NEED to become a subscriber to and a supporter of the Hauntcast Resurrection. So, it's $100 bucks a year which sounds like a lot (and it is for many of us) but, consider what you will receive for that money above and beyond the pleasure of listening to our favorite haunt show: major discounts on props, raffles with amazing prizes (with all of us having a good chance to win throughout the year) which will immediately defray the cost of that subscription and let's face it--just about all of us will purchase at least one prop per haunt season. Also, paypal now provides a 'pay later' no interest option on that $100. If you can pay @$16 and a bit more a month for six months--you can be a proud Hauntcast subscriber and qualify for all the fantastic discounts and raffle prizes straightaway. So, what's your excuse folks?

I get nothing out of this plug for Hauntcast--I'm just one of the minions who like to listen to this show. If there aren't 250 of us who are willing to step up to the plate (and it's really a no-brainer when you consider all the discounts,etc.), then I don't get to listen to my favorite inspirational show when I'm out in the garage building props, etc. That's it, in a nutshell. Have a listen.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hauntcast Resurrection

Hey, all, just want to alert you to some excellent news you may or may not have already heard about but there is a chance we can get our favorite radio show, the ever-entertaining and fun "Hauntcast" back on the air! Do your bit and support this worthwhile effort if you can. I don't know about you guys, but when February rolls around, thoughts of Halloween start invading my head and it's just not going to seem the same without "Hauntcast" playing in the background. If you subscribe, you're gonna' get a bunch of to-die-for discounts and bonus offers from many of our favorite Halloween vendors and artists. Check it out!