Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last Batch Of Halloween Ornies

Last batch of ornies going up on etsy today. Gotta quit fooling around with these and finish a figurative sculpt and get crackin' on my Halloween props. (I haven't done much other than plan things but I do have hubby out there in the heat building a crypt! hehe he's a good hubby.) Haven't done too much blog commenting lately either so my apologies to all (I'm still reading and enjoying them, though)! Go here to purchase ornaments.


  1. Lovely ornies Pam! What a sweet hubby you have! Sweating in the heath making you a crypt:-) Yeah, stop fooling around and concentrate on your Halloween props!

  2. Oh sure! Save the best for last. Now I am going to need to buy another one ;) I really love these little guys!

  3. donna--I'm concentrating now and I'll tell hubby you were feeling sorry for him!
    jessica--well, I'm glad you like them! just thought I'd make a few more before I switch over to Halloween prop building.