Thursday, February 7, 2013

Haunted London 2012

Hey all, I think I'm back...we moved the end of December and while I'm still unpacking boxes and have had one HELLUVA time with the internet (we now live way out in the boonies -- must rely on satellite for service), I think I'm fairly 'sorted'. 
So, my lovely daughter finally had time to put together the video from the haunt despite the horrendous circumstances we found ourselves in last October re weather and personal stuff.  Disappointed that we had to rush while filming this but it was the night before the hurricane--we were dog tired and faced with having to dismantle everything--some that night and the rest in the driving rain the next morning.  Also, several of the actors are not present in this as everybody was in the same boat as far as battening down the hatches for the storm.
Anyway, here's the vid!


  1. Amazing! Hope you moved to an equally great place to set up for Halloween!

  2. thanks, ked--appreciate you taking a look! unfortunately, there won't be a Halloween set-up this year--too isolated where I'm at and after 2 years in a row of abyssmal weather shutting down my haunt, I've decided to just decorate the inside of the house (of course, I may go hog wild doing that...hehe). since I'll have time this year, I plan on going to some other haunts. been wanting to see Haunted Overload for years and I'm doin' it this year!