Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 "Haunted London"

Well, I have to say that this year's Halloween fared a bit better than last but overall it wasn't a memorable event.  It could have been but once again, Mother Nature decided to have a bit of a temper tantrum on the weekend I planned my haunt.  (Last year I was blasted by the nor'easter.)   I hesitate to complain too much in light of the terrible devastation and loss that so many have suffered but yeah, Halloween was another disappointing and frustrating experience as far as outdoor haunts go. 
Been working on props, scenery, etc., since January.  Been working back in the tick infested woods for the past two months setting up, clearing paths and so on, holding onto the thought that surely,  Mother Nature could not be so cruel as to ruin my Halloween two years in a row.  Right.
Anyway, we managed to run the haunt one night but since most people were preparing for the hurricane which arrived early Saturday (SE Virginia-Outer Banks area of NC), turnout was not spectacular.  Still, the folks who came loved it and we had a good time scaring the sh*t out of people.  Unfortunately, the approach of the hurricane limited my photography opportunities. Even bought a new fancy video camera which we used but we did so in a rush and with limited lighting.  Not expecting much there.  Saturday was a frantic exercise in tearing everything down before the rain and wind destroyed everything. 
Basically, I am now cured of the desire to EVER set up another outdoor haunt, at least one of the size and scope that I've done for the past two years.  Mother Nature is just too mercurial -- she and I just don't seem to hit it off. 
Here are a few pics--more to see in my Deviant Art Gallery


  1. That's just plain gorgeous Pam! I hear you on the mother nature thing. Always thought it would be so much fun to do a big outdoor haunt like yours. Unfortunatley, I do not have the woods for it and after following yours, I think I might be "cured" as well. It's hard to stop creating and the ideas keep coming unsolicited, so that will never go away. That is why this year I decided to keep it simple and just enjoy the season. Your very talented and the pictures are nice that in a couple of months maybe the urge will start creeping can never tell.

  2. Holy cow! When do we get to see the video? Looks amazing! Glad you fended off mother nature and pulled off this great looking haunt!

  3. This haunt is just awesome. I am so impressed with everything - the corpses, the tombstones, the carriage, the cart - it is all so cool. If you going out of the business please lend me your talent and/or sell me your stuff or perhaps come to Colorado and be my consultant. Your talent it too big to lanquish.

  4. Your haunt looks so impressive! October weather is always unpredictable. It seems I spend way too much time each year revising plans and doing damage control. Ah well . . . there's always maybe next year :O)

  5. Wow, absolutely beautiful haunt! Love the pictures you have created a great and creepy atmosphere!!


  6. This looks absolutely phenomenal...

    Amazing work, Pam!

  7. thanks all...appreciate the comments so very much!

  8. I know, I hate dreading the inevitable rain on Halloween in Oregon, so I think next year I'm going to do a modest little thing, and instead of haunting the carport, I'll set it up with hot cider and mulled wine, and some comestibles to fortify the families that come by from the cold and rain.

    Anyway, your haunt looks great. I especially love the guy coming through the fence. Kinda reminds me of Creepshow. Heh.

  9. Mantan: sounds like a good plan--the place we're moving to has a big old farmhouse porch so I'll be setting something up out there (and that mulled wine idea is something I'm definitely gonna' consider!) thanks.

    Rot: thanks--appreciate it!

  10. These are so beautiful!!! Your haunt is so inspiring. Love the skellies with the hair by the downed tree and that mummy is awesome!

  11. Oh Pam! Absolutely awesome! I have dreams of what I'd do with a "forest/woods" area for Halloween. You actually make those dreams happen. Mother Nature is a heartbreaker but wow, do you ever know how to cope with her crap!! Congrats on a fabulous haunted display....

    1. thank you--yep, it's a lot of work but it really does look cool when it all comes together at night!

  12. I love your props! And great photos. You have a ton of space to work with and it looks really amazing.