Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creepmas Day Five! The Forgotten Celebrants

It has always disturbed me that so many of our favorite figures and personalities of the Halloween and horror genre are simply put aside and forgotten at the Christmas holidays. For so many 'out there', these fond friends are somehow not welcome around the Christmas tree. Apparently there's something almost sacrilegious and profane about including these well respected but a trifle scary VIP's in our Christmas festivities. Well, now that we can celebrate the Creepmas Hallowdays, our scary friends can really get in the spirit of things!


  1. That was so clever. I love Hannibal and the turkey. Where was that from? Foreign TV commercials always seem funnier than ours.

  2. not sure where it's from...found it on good ol' you tube. but yeah, they always seem to be much more creative with their commercials. ('course I think that's because they don't have 500 kzillion of 'em on all the time.)

  3. That just warmed my little evil heart!