Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So, I have resigned from my volunteer position as moderator of the sculpture gallery on Deviant Art.  I'm feeling a bit sad and more than a little at loss after doing this for so long but I think it was for the best.  One can get burned out doing these kinds of things and then one knows that it is time for another to step in to fill the void.  I am hopeful that someone will come forward in order to keep the spirit of sculpture alive at that very fun art site.  As I said in my "Adieu" note, "Sculptors are amazing people.  You are devotees of one of the most ancient art forms in the history of humankind but your imaginations and talents know no bounds and you each have made this art form uniquely your own.  I admire all of you for your allegiance to sculpture;  for keeping it alive in the midst of a heavily digital and computerized art environment."  And this is also true for all of us in the Halloween Home Haunt and Prop Industry (and I capitalize these words because I think they should be.)  We create magic where there was none before--on Halloween Eve, a simple front yard is transformed into a haunting world that speaks of mystery and imagination extraordinaire.  No computers required, no Hollywood special effects...just some people that love a little bit of darkness and are willing to work in their garages and basements at all hours to bring forth and share,  on one night of the year, a bit of their own souls and creativity for simple fun.  That's it.  Kudos to all of you, my Halloween friends!

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  1. Sometimes we forget that we have to not overrun ourselves with things, even if we love them. It's hard to make these sorts of decisions, but it's always for the better. Cheers to all your hard work, and I'm sure someone will pick up the torch.