Monday, February 20, 2012

The Haunt Brief - Chris Baker & Resurrecting Hauntcast

Hey guys, check out this Haunt Brief interview with Chris Baker and discover even more reasons why you NEED to become a subscriber to and a supporter of the Hauntcast Resurrection. So, it's $100 bucks a year which sounds like a lot (and it is for many of us) but, consider what you will receive for that money above and beyond the pleasure of listening to our favorite haunt show: major discounts on props, raffles with amazing prizes (with all of us having a good chance to win throughout the year) which will immediately defray the cost of that subscription and let's face it--just about all of us will purchase at least one prop per haunt season. Also, paypal now provides a 'pay later' no interest option on that $100. If you can pay @$16 and a bit more a month for six months--you can be a proud Hauntcast subscriber and qualify for all the fantastic discounts and raffle prizes straightaway. So, what's your excuse folks?

I get nothing out of this plug for Hauntcast--I'm just one of the minions who like to listen to this show. If there aren't 250 of us who are willing to step up to the plate (and it's really a no-brainer when you consider all the discounts,etc.), then I don't get to listen to my favorite inspirational show when I'm out in the garage building props, etc. That's it, in a nutshell. Have a listen.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting this, Pam!
    As of today, we're just over 150 subscribers. Chris raffled off some cool videos, which means the subscribers who won, just got a $70 return on their $100 subscription!

    Thanks again, Pam. You're fabulous!