Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trick or Treat Studios

Just received my "Water Zombie" mask from Trick or Treat Studios and I'm truly delighted!!! PUMPKINROT has mentioned these guys a few times and since I'm planning my "Haunted Forest", I decided to order one. This mask is REALLY sturdy and REALLY scary. I plan on ordering some more--Chris at Trick or Treat Studios says they will have the 2011 line available for pre-order by 22 January. Good stuff, guys!


  1. That mask is too scary for my house. It looks really well done, however.

  2. I wish to see your Haunted forest for real! Have to sell a lot of stuff tho :-( a plane ticket to the USA is about $1000! But its my greatest wish to celebrate Halloween with you one day....

  3. That is quite a beauty! If that is any indication of the haunted forest, I'm sure it will be a scream.