Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween and Childbirth

It's almost here --my most beloved holiday -- and I'm always frazzled by the time the big event actually kicks off but this year I thought I could take even more...I decided to do a walk-through Haunted Mansion (i.e., garage) AND a graveyard. I've got more experience now--I can do this. And so, I have prepared for months, mapped out the walk thru, had everything organized in my head, props ready to go. I reasoned that this year, things would simply have to go much smoother as a result of my meticulous planning. Well, guess what? I have done more swearing than ever before in my life (and that's saying something); climbed up and down a ladder about 10,000 times during the past 2 weeks to the point where I was talking to the ladder, you know, yelling at it because it just wouldn't fit where I wanted it to (the poor thing was trying to tell me there was too much crap in the way). I'm exhausted to the point where I think I will physically attack anyone who either doesn't like my little haunt or who even attempts to touch anything. I will not need a witch/hag costume this year...I shall come by it naturally. Yes, I love Halloween and I will do this again next year and yet, I suddenly found myself thinking of Halloween and childbirth in the same instant. You know, in the midst of the experience you vow both to kill your husband and maybe yourself and never to repeat this if you get out of it alive; afterwards, however, the pain recedes and you forget the stress and anguish in the joy and pleasure of the final result--this wonderful creation you have made. So yes, I love Halloween and yes, I will do it again next year.


  1. LOL! (even though I have never had children) I feel very close to the same way.....I always tell husband I am not in the right mindset right now to make any decisions about next year....I just need a martini!!!


    Hang in there!


  2. I hope you ended Halloween feeling satisfied for your all your work. And please. ;)