Monday, September 27, 2010

Automaton's Nightmare

Finally finished a sculpt that has been a WIP for quite awhile. I was originally inspired by a rather bizarre antique French circus poster and also by the fabulous antique automatons of yesteryear. (the ones made today are pretty cool, too!) Just thought I'd share...comments and criticisms welcome.


    This piece is stunning! Absolutely great! Teriffic! Terrifying!
    You are a member of the creepy orphan society huh? This is perfect for the Morbid Curiosities chalenge! My limbless albino girl is nothing compaire to this!

  2. I love the concept, Pam. It's not just a piece but a story with action. Disturbing and interesting. It's not my usual cup of tea, but I'm drawn to it. It's a piece I would buy and display in a haunted/abandoned house theme to make the decor authentic. It's perfectly unnerving. I like a piece that makes me uncomfortable in a good way.

  3. thanks, donna...I'm not sure about creepy orphans yet...I joined but don't really feel like it's the place for me yet. (and I don't agree that your albino girl doesn't compare--it most certainly does!!!)

    ghoul friday--thanks--I really appreciate the little critique...this happens to be one of those sculpts that I was all hepped up on and then wasn't quite content with the finished product...this happens from time to time tho'--these sculpts take us where they want to, don't they?

  4. Now i see him again.
    I love him.
    So beautiful creation.