Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Halloween Mood

Been busy lately...been rephotographing some old sculpts since I have a better camera now and also because I THINK my skills have improved in that area. (maybe) Anyway, was asked to submit some stuff for an upcoming book; of course, I panicked about this and tried to get some better shots...who knows if my stuff will be accepted but since I exhausted myself in the process of "contributing", thought I'd share a couple of the new and enhanced 'old' sculpts...Halloween ain't far off now, folks...


  1. Wow, awesome...how can they not pick you!!!!


  2. Hi Pam! I hope they accept your pics! Theyre looking better now! ;-)
    Unfortunately Halloween is not a holliday here in the Netherlands :-( Yes, we know about it and some stores sell creepy stuff,but only for fun and not for celebrate it.
    I hope to come to the states some day to celebrate Halloween!

  3. If they don't accept your work, they're crazy, and not in the good way!

    I think that you got the forlorn look down pat with the first two girls; love them! The last lady is just dang creepy, like we're interrupting her from doing something....evil.

  4. thanks, guys! appreciate it. I get really frustrated trying to photograph these things (much swearing). seems like I gotta take 500 pics to get 3 or 4 good ones! re the book, even if I don't make it in, I'm honored that they considered my work! (and I am so glad it's over with lol!)

  5. These have put me in a Halloween mood too!