Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Halloween Giveaway- (Mood Enhancer...)

Okay! Even tho' it doesn't seem to be the right atmosphere lately for a Halloween giveaway (I've noticed that some of my fellow bloggers have been giving away some terrific presents and there have been few participants trying to throttle each other for the prize which has been good for me of course since I've entered all of 'em), I'm gonna' go for it, bend before the storm, throw in the towel, and have my own giveaway, regardless of crappy atmosphere. Excuse me while I take a breath. Continuing along in the same vein...all one has to do in order to be entered in this 'fantastic' giveaway is read my preceding blog entry, watch the 16 minute video "Harker" and comment on it. That's it!
The winner will receive a skull and crossbones totebag, a ceramic Halloween mug, a set of 4 glass votive candles and a CD entitled "Broom with a View", a collection of Halloween carols by Kristen Lawrence. I shall randomly choose the lucky recipient of the above listed items next Tuesday evening after midnight. (which means you have one week to do your homework...)


  1. Oh, pick me....that will help you win my drawing....:D Just kidding...:D

    Very cool thanks for having a giveaway!


  2. Ha! That was a seriously cool puppet film! I loved the way it was shot - the music most definitely made it like the horror movie they wanted it to be! Quite the work of art!
    Well done! :)

  3. When you first mentioned puppets I thought 'Oh no, Pam is off her rocker,puppets? Really?' But after viewing this little masterpiece I have a new opinion of puppetry altogether.
    This is an awesome retelling of the a classic literary work all boiled down and condensed into a 16 minute extravaganza of puppetry, videography and musical accompaniment!
    I have to agree with Divaeva, the music really adds a whole other dimension to the film, it really makes that silent movie feeling come together. I must just go and watch Nosferatu on the Roku box.
    F.W. Murnau would be proud.

  4. I'm in. It's never too soon for Halloween. Great give away.

  5. Hi Pam! i've send you an email at your hotmailadress a few days ago, didn't you receive it? btw, how sweet of you to give all these things away! You don't have to put me in the hat, cause shipping to the Netherlands is much more than in the US,hahaha!

  6. Ms. Pam...great video...I LOVE PUPPETS...and I love giving awards.... I gave you one on my blog!!!

  7. I was too wrapped up in the details of the set to pay attention to the storyline at first.

    I don't think I've ever seen a melting technique used in puppetry. That was pretty impressive.

    Poor Harker. You always have to look out for those spinny little vampires ;)