Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Awesome Halloween Shop

I've been looking for some simple beaded orange/black garlands for my Halloween feather tree and I happened upon this awesome Halloween online shop . Let me just say that I never even got to the end of their Halloween catalogue listings! The store is called "Traditions Year-Round Holiday Store" and as you might expect, they have decor for just about every holiday there is. Being me, of course, I only checked out the Halloween stuff. So, if you need to get pumped up about Halloween (doubt that for most of you) or even if you're ready and raring to go, check this place out!


  1. I LOVE Traditions. My husband and I go twice a year at least. (He is worse than I am. He always finds a ton of stuff!)

  2. lucky you to be able to actually visit in person! I imagine it is like a halloween wonderland. I'm envious!