Tuesday, February 2, 2010

one completed and one WIP

well, finished my "death's burden--the plague of 1350 revisited"...and I must say that I don't think its one of my best...it just didn't meet my initial expectations--well, live and learn...perhaps I shall try the same theme again in a different way--but not for awhile...have been working on my "dragonlady"--a bust--which I have never tried before--so far, I'm pleased...anybody have any suggestions, please yell...I am always open to criticism, be it good or bad...
on another note--we got snow!!! haven't had snow here in years and this was a good one--@ 5 inches! my horses stepped out of their stalls and looked outside and promptly snorted and pawed...like, "what the hell is this?" of course, everything came to a screeching halt--malls closed, schools, etc...this area has no idea how to handle this stuff (Virginia Beach)...its been a blast as far as I'm concerned!


  1. Wow, both pieces are amazing. Really great stuff. You are a very talented lady my dear!