Wednesday, December 30, 2009

some new stuff

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I am indeed a terrible blogger. I'm very good at reading other blogs but am too lazy to keep mine up. Guess one of my new year's resolutions should be to practice some diligence in this area. At any rate, I've been a good girl with the artwork (sort of)..finished my 'Monster Under the Bed' and managed to get another one done. 'The Lich's Tithe' was inspired by the fantastic artwork of Keith Thompson--an artist who is more than happy to share his expertise in the area of ghoulish art. Think I'll be putting these guys up in the shop soon. go here if you're interested:Etsy
and just for fun--found a very cool movie, courtesy of Bean over at pumpkinrot, called "INK". Managed to find a copy at amazon and I'm glad I did. It's weird (esp. at the beginning) but ultimately, a very different and clever idea..low budget but well done. try it, you'll like it.
well, back to artwork and loading pics on deviant art, etc.....Happy New Year to all!!


  1. Those are both great pieces! And you are not a terrible blogger! :D Just blog when you an inspired!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. thanks for the compliment...and thanks for trying to make me feel better about blogging (or the lack thereof, really)....LOL!

  3. I personally like reading your blog immensely, it's like a treat when I see a new entry each time. I love reading creative people's blogs and their thought processes and the Monster Under the Bed piece is wicked!

    The Lich's Tithe creeps me out big time!

    A most wonderful and joyous New Years to you and may all your darkest nightmares come true!

  4. Those look great, along with all the other work you have posted here. Very cool stuff!

  5. thanks guys! favorable comments are always gratifying to hear (in this case, to read). I've learned so much from you guys about halloween and haunting and have so much enjoyed viewing the terrific ghouls and graveyards you make--thankyou for your inspiration! It has certainly helped me in my sculpting!

  6. Cool stuff! Your monster under the bed looks mighty sinister.