Thursday, November 12, 2009

post halloween blues

well,I'm gonna' try this one more time...sat down to write this a couple days ago and then deleted the whole thing by accident. So, I finally got some words down for the second time, my daughter sits down at MY computer and deletes all those! Thoroughly pissed off by this time, I shoved my chair away from the damn computer and well, took a break (with the help of a nice glass of merlot). Anyway, here I am, hoping against hope that the evil little gargoyle who lives inside my computer won't come up with another little prank...
So! The big day has come and gone and my first real Halloween yardhaunt/party/haunted house was a success. I've been feeling quite smug about the whole thing and I must say that the toil and trouble and feverish activities I've engaged in for the past few months were definitely worth it! All had a great time and enjoyed the spooky decor and graveyard. Unfortunately, the pics proving my success came out poorly--well, actually, they DIDN'T come out. As I was running about like a mad woman tending to the party and the graveyard, I delegated photographer duties to my sister. Neither she nor I have experience in taking photos of haunts and that became obvious as we previewed the pics. Hopefully, some of the party attendees will have a few good ones I can share. All in all, I had a blast and I thank all the 'Haunter Greats' out there who so generously shared their knowledge and expertise with all of us newbies to the HauntWorld!
That's about it...have shifted my creative energies back to the art doll world for now and have made some belated progress with my little 'monster under the bed'...
Enjoy Life!

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  1. That is cool. I have always wanted to make a monster for under the bed! Perfect!